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From Children's Literature: The thought of any Beverly Cleary book being relegated to out-of-print status might well send chills down the spine of many a parent of school-age children. For some, befriending the likes of Ramona and Beezus Quimby and their friend Henry Huggins was just as much a part of childhood as little league practice and piano recitals. Imagining childhood without them would seem downright empty. Thanks to the clear-headed thinking of editors at HarperCollins, today's parents won't experience any such void for their own children. Half a century later, Henry and the gang are just as fresh and loveable, naughty and industrious as ever. The clean, innocent parlance of these kids might seem unrealistic to some older readers, but the universal appeal remainsóRamona is forever full of mischief, Beezus yet tortured by her annoying little sister, and Henry always looking to create something out of nothing. When Henry gets the bug to find a job, he decides a paper route is the way to go. With the help and despite the hindrance of friends and neighbors on Klickitat Street, he discovers that he is capable of earning the job and doing it well. A box full of kittens and a new neighbor who is building a robot out of old wire and scrap metal add life to this tale that embraces community, hard work, family and fun.