AllQuizzes.Net specializes in providing high-quality, online comprehension quizzes for popular and award-winning children's books for students in Grades 3-9.

Quizzes provided at AllQuizzes.Net are quizzes that are taken by students online. (They are not available, at this time, as "pencil and paper" quizzes.) The quizzes are self-grading. When a student finishes taking a quiz online, the results of the student's quiz are shown on the screen. Most teachers report that the quiz results can be successfully printed. However, the printability of quiz results is not guaranteed since this depends on a variety of factors, such as the quality of the computer-printer connection and student error in choosing to print the results.

Currently, AllQuizzes.Net offers a total of 157 online Quiz Sets. Each Quiz Set contains a set of chapter and/or book sections quizzes for a given book. The Quiz Sets are a great way for parents to monitor their children's progress in reading and comprehending a chapter book. The Quiz Sets allow teachers and parents to set manageable reading goals for students. When these goals are mastered, student motivation and confidence is increased.

In order to access the quizzes, a teacher or a parent must purchase a One Year Access Pass. The cost of a One Year Access Pass is $49.95. At least once or twice per year, One Year Access Passes are offered for sale at a discounted price. If you would like to receive notification of these special offers, along with some additional free resources and useful information, please subscribe to AllQuizzes.Net's free newsletter.

Parents and teachers thinking about purchasing an Access Pass are are encouraged to first read through the Question and Answer FAQ. Teachers who purchase an Access Pass are licensed to access the quizzes for use with current students (up to 150 students) on all computers owned or leased by (and residing in) the school at which they are employed. Parents who purchase an Access Pass are licensed to access the quizzes for use with their children on up to 5 home computers. All purchases are made quickly and securely online through PayPal.

New Quiz Sets are constantly being added. Browse the list of books for which Quiz Sets are available using one or more of the indeces available on the menu at the top of each webpage to discover the full range of high-quality quizzes provided at AllQuizzes.Net.