OBI, GERBIL ON THE LOOSE! by Michael Delaney
Accelerated Reader: Level: 4.8. Pts. 5

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BOOK SUMMARY: Life is good for Obi the gerbil. That is, until, Rachel, her owner, goes on vacation with the rest of the family and leaves the pets home alone. A neighbor kid drops in to feed them all but never notices the gerbil tucked in her cage. Obi can't believe it. Surely Rachel didn't forget about her . . . did she?

Without food and water, Obi must escape to survive. So, taking on the courage of her namesake, the famous Jedi knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, the gerbil breaks out and meets her fellow pets. As she roams Obi must face dangerous cats up to no good, a maniacal tarantula, an insecure snake, a grumpy mouse, and a slobbering old dog. What Obi discovers restores her faith in Rachel. And the adventure and friendship she finds make for a slapstick yet touching tale of perseverance and pluck.